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MDI192AGM held and Board Composition27 June 2024
MDI191Update to the Financial Analysis Summary14 June 2024
MDI190AGM Agenda and other AGM information6 June 2024
MDI189Approval of Audited Financial Statements26 April 2024
MDI188Annual General Meeting 202405 April 2024
MDI187Board Meeting to be held22 March 2024
MDI186Approval of Interim Financial Statements30 August 2023
MDI185Board Meeting to be held11 August 2023
MDI184Update to the Financial Analysis Summary21 June 2023
MDI183AGM held and Board Composition20 June 2023
MDI182AGM Agenda and other AGM information29 May 2023
MDI181Approval of Audited Financial Statements25 April 2023
MDI180Annual General Meeting 202312 April 2023
MDI179Board Meeting to be held6 April 2023
MDI178Appointment of Non-Executive Director12 January 2023
MDI177Amalgamation of subsidiary20 December 2022
MDI176Approval of Interim Financial Statements29 August 2022
MDI175Board Meeting to be held12 August 2022
MDI174Update to the Financial Analysis Summary27 June 2022
MDI173AGM held and Board Composition17 June 2022
MDI172AGM Agenda and other AGM information26 May 2022
MDI171Annual General Meeting – Update3 May 2022
MDI170Approval of Audited Financial Statements26 April 2022
MDI169Annual General Meeting 20224 April 2022
MDI168Board Meeting to be held4 April 2022
MDI167Manoel Island20 December 2021
MDI166PA Approval of Manoel Island revised Masterplan and revised Outline Development Permit16 September 2021
MDI165Approval of Interim Financial Statements30 August 2021
MDI164Board Meeting to be held23 August 2021
MDI163Update to the Financial Analysis Summary23 June 2021
MDI162AGM held and Board Composition17 June 2021
MDI161AGM Agenda and other AGM information27 May 2021
MDI160Approval of Audited Financial Statements23 April 2021
MDI159Annual General Meeting 20215 April 2021
MDI158Board Meeting to be held25 March 2021
MDI157Manoel Island - Submission of Revised Masterplan18 February 2021
MDI156Notification of merger of subsidiaries10 December 2020
MDI155Appointment of Directors and Board Composition5 October 2020
MDI154Annual General Meeting Held1 October 2020
MDI153AGM Agenda and Appointment of Directors at the AGM9 September 2020
MDI152Information regarding the AGM 202026 August 2020
MDI151Approval of Interim Financial Statements25 August 2020
MDI150Board Meeting to be held18 August 2020
MDI149New AGM Date30 July 2020
MDI148Update to the Financial Analysis Summary23 June 2020
MDI147Manoel Island18 June 2020
MDI146Approval of Audited Financial Statements23 April 2020
MDI145Information to the market: Covid-19 Update9 April 2020
MDI144Information to the Market: COVID-1925 March 2020
MDI143Annual General Meeting 202018 March 2020
MDI142Board Meeting to be held18 March 2020
MDI141Manoel Island2 December 2019
MDI140Addendum to Financial Analysis Summary21 August 2019
MDI139Approval of Interim Financial Statements21 August 2019
MDI138Board Meeting ‐ Interim Financial Statements25 July 2019
MDI137Update to the Financial Analysis Summary21 June 2019
MDI136Resignation of Senior Officer18 June 2019
MDI135Appointment of Director and Board Composition18 June 2019
MDI134Annual General Meeting12 June 2019
MDI133Annual General Meeting Agenda21 May 2019
MDI132Approval of Audited Financial Statements25 Apr 2019
MDI131Annual General Meeting21 Mar 2019
MDI130Board Meeting to be held21 Mar 2019
MDI129PA Approval of Manoel Island revised Masterpland and revised Outline Development Permit07 Mar 2019
MDI128Execution of final deed of sale and purchase17 Dec 2018
MDI127Extension of POSA with Tigné Mall p.l.c.29 Nov 2018
MDI126Manoel Island09 Oct 2018
MDI125Promise of Sale Agreement - T1 Car Park11 Sep 2018
MDI124Half-Yearly Report30 Aug 2018
MDI123Board Meeting - Interim Financial Statements09 Aug 2018
MDI122Appointment of Director and Board Composition27 Jul 2018
MDI121Annual General Meeting28 Jun 2018
MDI120Amendment to MDI117 - Annual General Meeting22 Jun 2018
MDI119Manoel Island21 Jun 2018
MDI118Financial Analysis Summary20 Jun 2018
MDI117Annual General Meeting08 Jun 2018
MDI116Approval of Financial Statements23 Apr 2018
MDI115Annual General Meeting21 Mar 2018
MDI114Board Meeting21 Mar 2018
MDI113Change in Shareholding20 Mar 2018
MDI112Guardianship Deed - Manoel Island14 Mar 2018
MDI111Manoel Island05 Mar 2018
MDI110MIDI plc Submits proposed Masterplan02 Nov 2017
MDI109Amendment to MDI108 - Addendum to the Financial Analysis Summary15 Sep 2017
MDI108Addendum to the Financial Analysis Summary15 Sep 2017
MDI107Change in Shareholding07 Sep 2017
MDI106Half-Yearly Report28 Aug 2017
MDI105Change of Company Secretary24 Aug 2017
MDI104Update on Board Meeting09 Aug 2017
MDI103Board Meeting04 Aug 2017
MDI102Appointment of Directors14 Jul 2017
MDI101Appointment of CEO13 Jul 2017
MDI100CEO Resignation26 Jun 2017
MDI99Annual General Meeting21 Jun 2017
MDI98Financial Analysis Summary19 Jun 2017
MDI97Approval of Financial Statements20 Apr 2017
MDI96Change in Shareholding03 Apr 2017
MDI95Manoel Island30 Mar 2017
MDI94Manoel Island23 Mar 2017
MDI93Manoel Island17 Mar 2017
MDI92Notification of Board Meeting16 Mar 2017
MDI91Appointment of Senior Officer and Change of Company Secretary31 Oct 2016
MDI90Redemption of Bonds14 Oct 2016
MDI89Manoel Island17 Sep 2016
MDI88Manoel Island14 Sep 2016
MDI87Half-Yearly Report31 Aug 2016
MDI86Resignation of Senior Officer31 Aug 2016
MDI85Listing / Trading in MIDI Bonds03 Aug 2016
MDI84Notification of Meeting25 Jul 2016
MDI83MIDI p.l.c. Secured Bonds 202625 Jul 2016
MDI82Financial Analysis Summary04 Jul 2016
MDI81Approval for Bond Issue28 Jun 2016
MDI80Redemption of Bonds and New Bond Issue17 Jul 2016
MDI79Interim Directors' Statement27 May 2016
MDI78Approval of Resolutions at AGM 201612 May 2016
MDI77Annual General Meeting20 Apr 2016
MDI76Change in Shareholding08 Apr 2016
MDI75Approval of Financial Statements28 Mar 2016
MDI74Change in Shareholding02 Mar 2016
MDI73Notification of Board Meeting22 Feb 2016
MDI72Interim Directors' Statement17 Nov 2015
MDI71Appointment of Director28 Sep 2015
MDI70Solutions and Infrastructure Services Ltd15 Sep 2015
MDI69Half-Yearly Report31 Aug 2015
MDI68Preliminary Agreement03 Aug 2015
MDI67Notification of Meeting28 Jul 2015
MDI66Appointment of Director23 Jun 2015
MDI65Interim Directors' Statement15 May 2015
MDI64Approval of Financial Statements27 Apr 2015
MDI63Notification of Board Meeting27 Mar 2015
MDI62Manoel Island Project13 Mar 2015
MDI61Interim Directors' Statement14 Nov 2014
MDI60Half-Yearly Report26 Aug 2014
MDI59Class 1 Transaction12 Jul 2014
MDI58Notification of Board Meeting08 Jul 2014
MDI57Interim Directors' Statement15 May 2014
MDI56Resignation of Senior Officer30 Apr 2014
MD155Approval of Annual Financial Statements 201329 Apr 2014 
MDI54 Board Meeting to approve Financial Statements for 201313 Mar 2014
MDI53Change in Shareholding17 Feb 2014
MDI52Change in Shareholding30 Dec 2013
MDI51Interim Directors' Statement15 Nov 2013
MDI50Approval of Interim Financial Statements 30 June 201326 Aug 2013
MDI49Notification of Board of Directors Meeting23 Jul 2013
MDI48Appointment of Director19 Jun 2013 
MDI47Interim Directors' Statement15 May 2013
MDI46Sale of Shareholding in subsidiary02 May 2013
MDI45Approval Annual Financial Statements 201229 Apr 2013
MDI44EGM Result & Approval from Listing Authority22 Mar 2013
MDI43Board Meeting to be held20 Mar 2013
MDI42Change in Shareholding13 Mar 2013
MDI41Extraordinary General Meeting22 Feb 2013
MDI40MIDI building new Seafront Apartments at Tigne Point15 Feb 2013
MDI39Interim Directors' Statement09 Nov 2012
MDI38Appointed of CEO & Cange in Company Secretary18 Sep 2012
MDI37Approval of Interim Financial Statements 30 June 201227 Aug 2012
MDI36Board Meeting to be held10 Aug 2012
MDI35Appointment of Directors18 Jul 2012
MDI34Interim Directors' Statement11 May 2012
MDI33Audited Financial Statements 201130 Apr 2012
MDI32Manoel Island Development18 Apr 2012
MDI31Notification of Meeting05 Apr 2012
MDI30Resignation of Senior Officer03 Apr 2012
MDI29Issue of Full Development Permits20 Jan 2012
MDI28Appointment of Senior Officer17 Jan 2012
MDI27Interim Directors’ Statement10 Nov 2011
MDI26Resignation and Appointment of Director01 Nov 2011
MDI25Approval of Interim Financial Statements 30 June 201130 Aug 2011
MDI24Board Meeting to be held01 Aug 2011
MDI23Approval of Resolutions at AGM02 Jun 2011
MDI22Interim Directors’ Statement11 May 2011
MDI21Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 201029 Apr 2011
MDI20Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 201022 Mar 2011
MDI19Company Shareholdings15 Dec 2010
MDI18Results of Share Issue10 Dec 2010
MDI17Closure of Share Issue02 Dec 2010
MDI16Extraordinary General Meeting held02 Dec 2010
MDI15Approval of Issue of shares04 Nov 2010
MDI14Application for Issue of Shares26 Oct 2010
MDI13EGM held and Resolutions approved19 Oct 2010
MDI12Approval of Interim Financial Statements31 Aug 2010
MDI11Board Meeting to be held17 Aug 2010
MDI10Board Meeting to be held17 Aug 2010
MDI09Resignation and Appointment of Directors10 May 2010
MDI08Financial Statements year ended 31/12/200930 Apr 2010
MDI07Approval of Financial Statements13 Apr 2010
MDI06Appointment of Directors18 Sep 2009
MDI05Interim Financial Statements28 Aug 2009
MDI04Resignation of Director18 Aug 2009
MDI03Board Meeting to be held28 Jul 2009
MDI02Audited Financial Statements30 Apr 2009
MDI01Board Meeting to be held30 Apr 2009