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The Manoel Island & Tigné Point Development

Restoration of St George's Chapel

Almost a century before Grandmaster Manoel Vilhena personally financed the construction of a fine baroque Fort which today bears his name, the Knights established a quarantine institution on Manoel Island, popularly known as the Lazzaretto.

Under British rule these isolation buildings were extended, making them amongst the best-appointed quarantine barracks in the British Empire. The strict quarantine measures dictated that even after death, the deceased had to be buried on the grounds, leading to the creation of formal cemeteries on Manoel Island. One of these was furnished with the funerary chapel dedicated to St George.

Following years of disrepair the funerary chapel of St George has today been meticulously restored to its former self. During the restoration process two fragmented but original tombstones were found strewn inside the chapel and these have now been restored and mounted within.

Before & After Photos of Restoration

Use the slider to compare the photos taken of St George's Chapel before and after the restoration works undertaken by MIDI plc.