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The Manoel Island & Tigné Point Development

Solutions and Infrastructure Services (SIS) Ltd.

Solutions and Infrastructure Services (SIS) Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of MIDI plc, is based in Manoel Island, The objective is the provision of innovative and effective building technology solutions and services, namely, but not limited to, the developments of Tigné Point and Manoel Island. SIS Ltd. also operates an ICT infrastructure, the system core of which resides in a fully resilient state of the art Network Operating Centre (NOC) in a closely monitored and controlled environment on Manoel Island.

SIS is involved in two main sectors; one is building technologies which provides services and solutions for building automation, fire detection, video surveillance, car park operations and mechanical and electrical installations, including a state of the art heating and cooling energy production plant. The second is ICT services which mainly include fixed telephony and data communication, broadband connectivity and co-location services.

Access Control

SIS utilises a smart-card system that makes the need for traditional keys obsolete. Users only need a single card to gain access to the building, using an individual PIN number for each card, which can be customised at the user’s request. The card’s access can be modified so that not all users have access to all doors. Also, entry times can be modified at a customer’s request so that card operation times correspond to an individual’s shift for example. This system is much more secure than regular keys since, if a card is lost, it can be voided immediately and a replacement can be issued within moments.


SIS is able to monitor all areas using state-of-the-art Siemens camera technology, with models ranging from fixed to domed cameras with zoom and autofocus. This comes in the form of vigilant 24-hour monitoring to deter or identify offenders. All data goes through a control room, which is active 24/7, so any emergencies can be dealt with immediately.

Fire Detection

SIS Ltd utilise top of the line Siemens fire protection systems designed with a wide range of innovative features to provide intelligent technology and extensive safety aspects. SIS Ltd provides various detectors, panels, peripheral devices and accessories, all working together to offer the latest in fire detection technology. Again, all systems are monitored by our control room, to enable us to detect any possible faults instantly.


Our sophisticated Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions will guarantee optimum performance whilst ensuring that the system retains its maximum operating efficiency.  Siemens’ HVAC centralised solutions are generally a cut above the rest in that they result in a minimal carbon footprint for your establishment and, having a much lower operating cost, they effectively decrease your business operating expenses.