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The Manoel Island & Tigné Point Development

Creating a green public open space at Manoel Island

One would be surprised to discover the lush green space and multitude of mature and young trees that are in the glacis area surroundings of Fort Manoel.

As part of the development, MIDI has formulated a landscaping strategy for the Public Glacis Park. The Glacis, which formed an integral part of the Fort’s defences, is spread over 80,000 sqm of green open space which, will be meticulously and sensitively adapted into a park for the enjoyment of the public. As part of this plan, during the current year, over 200 trees were planted in this area and the works contemplated in the next few years aim to improve accessibility and to create unique spaces for recreational purposes.

The trees species that were planted this year consist mainly of Aleppo Pines, Cypress and Mastic trees. These complement the transplanted Olive trees and Date Palms which were placed in the area, in earlier phases. These trees have all been chosen for their non-invasive and indigenous attributes and all works related to planting and relocation of trees at Manoel Island have been carried out in line with the necessary permits granted by the relevant authorities.

The planting of the trees and the development of the Glacis Public Park on Manoel Island is a commitment made by MIDI in the Guardianship Deed entered into with the Manoel Island Foundation and the Gzira Local Council.


Manoel Island

Manoel Island

Manoel Island